Call Queues

Take an infinite amount of calls and route them to where they need to go -- effortlessly.

Auto Attendant

Customize your greetings and call paths. Allowing your callers to get to the right person the first time.

Call Waiting

Don't miss a single call. Quickly create conferences on the fly.

Find Me, Follow Me

Not in the office? Not a problem. Calls go to your desk, then routed to your cell phone*, then back to your desk. Voicemails emailed right to you.

Call Parking

Park a call on one phone. Pick it up on another. Simple as that.

Shared Lines

Ring one phone, some phones, or all phones.

White Glove Management

Need a change to your phone system? Tell us how you'd like your phones to work, and those changes will be applied. Free of charge.


Need a conference line? No problem. Need a state of the art conference phone? We got that too.

Digital Fax

Don't use fax that often? We got you covered. Does your business depend on faxing? We have a dedicated fax portal that allows you to manage all of your faxing.