Managed Security

Threat Intelligence

GH uses Open Threat Exchange (OTX), the world’s largest crowd-sourced computer-security platform with more than 80,000 participants in 140 countries who share more than 19 million potential threats daily.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Good Hunter uses Datto BCDR devices, backups are taken hourly and replicated twice.  Constantly looking for malware habits and ransomware threats. If your server goes down, your data can be spun back up in numerous ways including locally or in the cloud.

Rock-solid Networks using Cisco Meraki

Good Hunter has partnered with Cisco Meraki for all networking infrastructure.  With Cloud managed accessibility and AI assisted routing.  The world’s best networks run on Cisco.

Training and Audits

Security is only as good as the weakest link, we keep your team knowledgable on current threats and phishing attempts.  Securing one of your business’s most valuable assets, it’s people.

As more orgs embrace direct internet access, Umbrella is there to protect you. Using threat analysis on the internet level. Filtering threats before they even get to your doorstep.

Our last line of protection against threats.  Advanced endpoint protection, integrated into Good Hunter’s managed service.  Updates are pushed automatically so the system is always up to date.